Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jewelry Box Redo

I figure most of us have one of those Christmas special jewelry box gifts lying around.  I decided to redo an old one I had and make a sewing center out of it. I haven't decided what I want to stitch for the front yet - It is about a 4 3/8" high and 5 3/8" wide.  I thought something Quaker might be nice.
Take a Look:

My Sewing wallet fits perfectly on top:
My pin cushion rests nicely on the inside:
(I don't have a mini bottle cap pin cushion yet.
I'm sure that would be a perfect fit !!)

Great place for scissors:
Easy to find buttons:
 And more buttons -
(There are never enough buttons. )

Wouldn't this make a lovely gift !!
Happy Stitching


Lenka said...

What a clever idea Patty! You're right, it would make a very lovely gift :)

D@isy said...

Wow, que lindo se ve todo.


PegC said...

Patty, first--Happy Birthday, it sounds like you had a lovely day. And would you believe, I just found a jewelry box at a thrift store. Bought it thinking I could stitch something for the top, then figure out what to do with the timely is your post---and what great ideas!

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