Monday, May 31, 2010

Game Invitation :)

I was invited to participate in a game by Lenka at Lenocka's Little World.   I am supposed to choose the 10th photo on my computer post it and say something about it. Here goes :)

Before my husband and I owned our house (many years ago -cough , cough - I'm so sorry you couldn't hear how long ago that was :) ) we lived in an apartment. I decided to spruce up the place and plant some roses and beautiful flowers around the entry way to our particular unit.  We were on the ground floor so all of those who rented the units on the upper levels had to pass my lovely planters and all of the flowers I planted around the entry way.  It looked wonderful.  I received many compliments and thank you comments from all of my neighbors.

All was well until I came home one day and all of my garden was mowed down.  Oh my goodness, I was heart broken and couldn't believe how destructive and wasteful it was to do such a thing.  I'm sure it wasn't intentional - someone was probably just working on the grounds - landscaping or something - but I was still distraught.  

My husband told me that day that when we were able to buy our house he would build me a beautiful garden and no one would be able to disturb it.  He was true to his word.  In our first home this is the photo of the stones he made to go through a trellis that he built from scratch for me.  He carved our names into the stones.   He also made a heart shaped planter in the center of the front yard for all to see.  He certainly knocked himself out with his effort to replace my loss.

There is one thing that is certain. The heart in the front yard is filled with lovely flowers of all colors shapes and sizes but they aren't half as lovely as the joy that filled my heart with his efforts.

We should always remember to enjoy what at times seem to be the little things in life, because one day we will find they are usually what mattered the most :)

Take care


Jules said...

Very lovely picture! Thanks for sharing!!

Lenka said...

You have a great husband!!! Thank you for sharing this sweet story with us :)

Berit said...

What a beautiful story! :) How sweet your DH must be. :)

Meari said...

Aww... that was a wonderful story! :)

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