Friday, August 20, 2010

Hunter Green

Just a quick post because I work tonight - I am still camera free so I am unable to get a good picture, but I am in the process of painting my house Hunter Green.  It really makes my stitched work look fabulous, especially with  the linens I have used.  I wish I could show you a better photo because this picture doesn't really give the true color.  The photo is a little dark due to the paint color and the use of a phone camera.  I hope you can get the idea though - Take a look:

Won't my house look great at Christmas - especially with all of the LHN Ornaments :) I think so !! 
Have a great Weekend
Take Care


diamondc said...

I am positively jealous this color is beautiful, I really like your fire place ours is very rustic looking, the family room is all up north I supose you could call it a man cave.
I have the living room no t.v. but it is really girlie looking.
I hope you can post more pictures soon, I love the color green.
Good luck painting.

D@isy said...

Sure that your home will look beautiful with all those decorations, congratulations to the winner of your drawing.

Happy weekend

Pumpkin said...

So rich looking Patty :o)

Christine said...

It looks great! You definitely have to show another photo at Christmas time!

Lynn said...

Hunter Green will look fabulous with your stitched linens for sure. It will be so fun to decorate that room at Christmas!

BSOTF said...

Your house is going to look amazing at the holiday season. It does already. Your picture might not look as good as you want but it does tell us how beautiful your home is & your work looks in it too.

Berit said...

Ooh; sounds like it'll look so handsome! :D Hopefully you can show some truer pics soon. :)

Pinta said...

beautiful house! I wish to see it in Christmas

Siobhán said...

I love the paint color you're using! It is so dark here during the autumn and winter months that I had to go with all light colors--I love Hunter Green!

Happy belated anniversary, too!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Patty:
I love deep green walls. When we first got married, I painted our front room hunter green and made red/green plaid drapes. At night, neighbors on their evening walks would stop and look into our lighted room. We got lots of compliments. Years later, when I owned my needlework shop, I painted the walls the same green for the same reason you are...they showed off all of the framed needlework to its best advantage. The color makes a room look rich and welcoming, as I know it will in your home.

Thanks for visiting Brynwood and putting my button in your sidebar. I'm going to enjoy exploring your site and taking in all your fabulous creations! A girl after my own cross stitching heart!


Mylene said...

Hunter green is a beautiful colour. Looking forward to see another picture especially with all your ornaments on display.

Anonymous said...

I love the green. I have green walls in my living room and dining room too.


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