Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm almost back

I found an eyeglass case online (since I have been dizzy & not up much !!!)
I just thought you all would like to see it (with my new glasses)
"Ladyes Pocket Needlefuls - A Spectacles Pocket" by Primitive Traditions:

I haven't stitched it of course because I have spent most of my time sleeping.  Trying to see what activity I could tolerate I tried to do some dishes - Suddenly became diaphoretic, short of breath, dizzy, began having palpitations, .....Heart rate 135.  Went to ER  I have some sort of arrhythmia (they think SVT) causing my heart rate to jump to 130 and > with activity/standing.  Hopefully controllable with medications - changed med today. Starting Holter Monitor tomorrow.
Cardiologist said tests show no cardiac damage at this point:)
They also are pretty certain I have POTS Syndrome which of course was aggravated by the arrhythmia

Hopefully I will adjust well to meds soon so  that I can function again !!!!
Happy Stitching
Take Care


Margaret said...

Take it easy, Patty. You poor thing. I hope you can manage some stitching eventually and that you're feeling better really soon. Love that glasses case!

diamondc said...

I really like your new glasses, the glass case is so pretty.
I will continue to pray for you, I am sure all of your followers are doing the same.

Elaine said...

What a wonderful eyecase Patty.
I do hope your symptoms begin to ease soon.
Take care of yourself. Hugs!

Deborah said...

Hope you start feeling better soon. Take care.

Jules said...

Ooh, do be careful in the activities you do partake in. And get to feeling better soon!

Catherine said...

Love the glass case.

How scary the symptoms sound that you have. I do hope you find relief soon! Take care of yourself.

Pumpkin said...

I hope you can too! I can't imagine this is very much fun for you :o(

Carol said...

Please take extra good care of yourself, Patty! This sounds like a very difficult time for you--take care now...

Vinniey said...

Glad to hear from you, Patty. Do take more sleep and relax... relax and relax. Take great care. {{{Hugs}}}

Sally said...

I really like the glasses case.

Take care of yourself. I hope you get something sorted soon and start to feel better.

Blu said...

Nice glasses case.
Just take it easy and enjoy some relaxing lazy days. Hope you feel better soon.

Emese said...

Get well soon !!!

Daffycat said...

An awesome glasses pocket!

Take care of yourself, dear. I'll be thinking of you.

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