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More hexagons, Tusal, & Problem with framing from previous post

Here is a photo of more Hexagons and My TUSAL jar:

 Just a side note-
The previous framed finish that I posted (Poinsettia House) that my children gave me for mothers day was not done correctly (As far as I am concerned). Is it just me, or should a framer know that "Pinning" does not mean putting adhesive all over the back of someones work and laying it on a mat board without stretching the fabric & then sealing it all up and charging top dollar to innocent children who are trying to do a lovely thing for their mother?
Because that is what they did - They called it stitchy pin -
Does anyone else find this misleading?
When I took my piece back to the framer & told them the fabric was puckering - They told me that it had fallen off the pins -
And told me they had reinforced it-
Days Later when the fabric puckered again &
When I cut the backing paper off of the piece there was not one pin-
The piece had not been stretched &
Apparently stitchy pin - means adhesive -
So be careful when using a framer -
And be sure they know how to handle linen
Because it is very difficult to remove ink & adhesive from linen especially when the pattern was stitched in hand dyed threads
Has any one else come across this????
I usually lace my work when I frame it - I think I have heard that pins aren't even the best
Any advice - Info -
Just Curious


Gabi said...

Your hexagons are looking just lovely.
And how annoying that must be to find out your framer pin glued the piece. And the name they gave it is totally misleading!! They should be clear about using glue.

In my humble opinion pin glue will never keep the fabric nicely in place if you're using the wrong glue, and I'm pretty sure that's what they did.. Or you glue it with a firm glue and stretch it, or with the wrong glue it will come loose over time because of the stretch.

Personally I do use glue on certain finishes, but that is a very thick glue that soaks through the fabric and holds it firmly in place - instantly. That glue I started to use when I did a course in Cartonnage (making things with fabric and card box)

When I bring something to the framer I expect them not to use glue. Or tell me about it before hand.

If I was you I would lace the piece, because I think the rest of the "stitchy pins" (what a will most likely come out as well or it will look all wobbly.

Annette said...

All your Hexagons looks so great!!
I can;t do that so great of you!!!

Christine said...

Your hexagons look fabulous.
The framing story is unbelievable, I would have thought you could get them under the Trade Descriptions Act for that one, there is no way the description "Stitchy Pin" infers glue of any kind.
I had a bad experience with a very expensive framers many years ago, so now I stretch and lace the pieces myself, and just get the framers to cut the mounts and make the frames

Lili Bear said...

Oh so sorry to read about the bad framing! It looked beautiful at first and it's a shame.
I cannot count how many stitchers have suffered such disappointment... :(
I have little advice to give myself, as I haven't framed much of my stitching. It's all in drawers or turned into little pillows.
I love the hexagons as flowers in the garden, this is a lovely picture.

Lynn said...

I'm so very sorry to hear about your framing woes. I can't imagine putting glue on a piece like that!
Their description is very misleading.
My framer employed the man who used to work at our stitching shop and has been stretching needlework for years. He does use pins and I have never seen such good work. I won't let anyone else touch my pieces now.
I've had other framers who can't seem to stretch things evenly and the work is not lined up or centred properly. Try calling around to other shops and see how they finish needlework. Maybe you'll have better luck.

Bertie said...

Love your red hexi's, stunning!
I have got a pdf file from the web how to frame samplers,have send it via email.

Elizabeth Ann said...

Your quilt is coming along nicely -keep up the good work!!
I always lace my projects. I order the frame and then take the piece home and lace it and then return it to the store. I'm sorry you had to go through this experience with your beautiful piece of needlework. When your kids aren't around I would take it out give it a good soaking and re-streach it and put it back in the frame and then find a new framer!

The French Bear said...

Love the hexagons!!!! Sorry about the framers.....not very nice to take advantage of children...if they don't know how to do something, just they don't, at least you could find someone else. Yeesh!
On a happy note, it does look gorgeous!!!!
Margaret B

Angela P said...

The hexagons are looking great! Terrible framer....I only trust my Dad, he does the lace up method too and I have never had a problem with any of mine. I simply can't afford the price our local shops charge to "professionally" frame them, it's in the hundreds of dollars per piece. Rip off as far as I am concerned :)

Deb said...

I just love your hexis!!!

And I can't believe that they're still using that stuff. I know long ago that they would use it and it's horrible stuff. Now I make sure that my framer pins, although they told me that they laced it. When I asked if they actually laced it they told me know - that they pinned. That made me a little suspicious, but indeed they did pin because I checked. But truly they should tell you exactly what they're doing so that you can take it somewhere else if you don't like what they do.

Kathy said...

Sorry to hear about the framing mess. One reason I hesitate to have things framed by someone else. :)

Melanie said...

I am absolutely horrified. Adhesive? *shudder*
That's AWFUL framing. Awful. :(

I would raise holy hell if they charged you for pinning but that's just me. Pinning takes a lot of time and I know from first hand experience that most framers at Michael's inwardly grown when they have to do needlework because of the extra time involved but if you charge for it YOU SHOULD DO IT. Jeez!
I agree with Christine - learn to pin it or lace it yourself and then take it to the framers. It's worth the peace of mind. Things do pucker sometimes if you have high humidity but at least with pins you can ALWAYS readjust it really easily years down the road.
I feel so bad that your children's gift to you as gone awry. Shame on that framer for taking advantage of them.

Nancy said...

Your hexagons are lovely!

Sorry you ran into a deceitful framer! He should be reported to BBB! I was taught years ago to lace stitching but I really think that pinning (with pins not glue) gives a better end result. Pinning is what my framer uses and her work is beautiful!

Pumpkin said...

Ohhhh....have I mentioned how much I LOVE your colors? ;o)

Are you serious???? Like Melanie, I would have raised you know what! I would have been furious to find that out >:o( I'm sorry that happened Patty.

Kathy Ellen said...

Your hexagons are so beautiful, and for a framer to do such an unprofessional job of properly framing it, is beyond belief!

Fortunately, I have a certified framer, who always laces any stitched piece and the finished pieces are always wonderful. I too, would report your experience to the BBB. I hope that you are successful in locating a much more professional framer in the future.

Terri said...

The place I take my framing call it 'stitchy pin,' but they pin it. In fact I have to remind them not to stretch it too tight when they pin it! I'm sorry you were 'robbed.' :(

Carol said...

Oh, after the wonderful surprise your kids gave you and then to find out the framer really messed it up so badly--how frustrating! I hope you can get it framed properly, Patty; it really is a lovely piece!

Raewyn said...

Love your hexie-flowers; they are looking gorgeous - love those colours!! Good luck with sorting your framing woes; I know Mum always laces her work before taking it in - now I know why - so that she knows it is being done how she wants it. It was sweet of your kids to arrange it for you though.

Mylene said...

So sorry to hear about the framing...your hexagons looks lovely!!

Rebecca said...

Gorgeous my friend. Sorry about the trouble with the framing! :( I remember my grandmother making a quilt and I think it was called flower garden. Not sure. It was lovely. I also have a tiny, tiny piece of a quilt made by my hubby's great grandmother. Only about a 20" square of it remains but I adore it.


Siobhan said...

I tried leaving a comment last week (on the hexies post) but blogger wouldn't allow the comment page to show up no matter how many times I refreshed the page. So, two comments... you have to check out the hexies on Type in hexagons or paper piecing or so on into the search engine and you will be in hexagon nirvana. Only problem is that you'll look at every fabric line and dream of making hexies from them!!

On the framing--yikes!! What makes it worse is that your kids were trying to do something that they knew you'd like and were taken advantage of because they aren't as familiar with the ins & outs of needlework framing as a stitcher might be. Terrible!! I would ask for money back or some sort of compensation. I've always taken my needlework to my LNS for framing after hearing horror stories from my SILs (here) about them getting their stitching framed. I know that I pay a lot in labor charges but it's worth it for me to know that it's done properly. I've done a few things myself and know for a fact that the labor charge is well earned.

Suzanne said...

Your hexagons are coming along nicely.

Linda said...

Love your colour choice for the hexigons. Can't wait to see the finish. By the way I'm also a Taurus.

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