Thursday, September 8, 2011

September Hexagons !!

My Swap hexagons have arrived:

I have learned a new method of making Hexagons since I have received some from this swap -
The members are gifted at making Hexagons. The stitches are nearly invisible - very impressive!!!
Just wait until I make my next set - 
I did receive two Surprise hexagons from Sunny -
They are fussy Cut & Just Beautiful:
Have a Great Weekend


Christine said...

Lovely hexagons! I love the travelling pattern finish in your last post too

cucki said...

very lovely squares..xx

diamondc said...

Patty: Your Hexagons are beautiful, I look forward to seeing them put together.

Penny said...

Very pretty! Still being tempted by them.

Meari said...

Those are really pretty!

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