Sunday, October 30, 2011

Are you Interested in some Christmas fun?

I am getting in the Christmas mood.
I know it is only October but I just can't help it.
Look what has started at my house:

I have been asked to do some private Christmas Ornament Exchanges recently.
And now.....
has started.....
So, I thought I would ask if there is anyone else who would like to exchange a Christmas ornament/small with me this year?  I will pick just a few more names & then if I have time I will most likely send out some RAK's when the holidays draw near.
(Now remember I have 4 children & I work full time so If I do not pick your name it is only because there is just one of me - If I could I would send ornaments to all of you!!!!!!)

Edit: Stitchers have been notified : Exchange is closed for 2011
Thank you all so much !!!

I am hoping I have posted this early enough to allow enough time to stitch an ornament stress free.
Please email me if you are interested (followers only)
(This is what happens when they call me off from work & I stitch a gazillion Christmas embroidery pieces - lol - It's so motivating ;)



sunny said...

I'd love to exchange with you. My name was removed from another swap, so I have time on my hands.

Myra said...

I am starting to feel the Christmas spirit too! I hope you have lots of takers on your swap.

Kate said...

Would love to do an exchange. I too am really busy, chasing a 2 1/2 yr old grandson most days. But, I love exchanges. My finishing is not the best but I try. Love your work.

Christine said...

I'd love to do an ornament exchange with you

diamondc said...

Patty: I know hoe you feel, I am getting excited for Christmas also I only wish my Husband would let me put the tree up today.
We will set up the Nativity House next week-end but will wait to put all Joseph and Mary in and all the other figures on Thanksgiving Day.
Happy Halloween to you.

Donna said...

I believe Christmas should start whenever you start to feel Christmassy and your projects are soo lovely I'm not surprised you wanted to start them !!

Lynn said...

I'm starting to get in the mood too! I'd love to do an exchange with you!
It's my hubby who puts the humbug into my excitement. He was raised that you only decorate the week before Christmas. I've at least got him to agree with Dec. 1st but I'd love to push it back further!

Mouse said...

oooo am too late to join in the fun ???? love mouse xxxxx

country stitcher said...

Christmas is my favorite time of year and I stitch something christmas year round. I would love to exchange a Christmas ornament with you.
Happy Stitching

Annette said...

Christmas already in your house.. Patty ..... wait a

Berit said...

Wonderful! I LOVE all these pics! :D I wish I could participate but my ornamenting is out of control over here already! (I have a specific project with them that I just keep putting off finalizing. I want to reach this held-for-three years goal of mine so that I can participate in events like this!) I know that whoever receives from you will be thrilled--certainly I was with the goodies you spoiled me with last year and am eager to put them up again!

My favorite is your snowman there--is he Homespun Elegance? You are singlehandedly winning me over to the Snowman Cause! :D

CindyMae said...

If you still need someone to do a Christmas exchange with, I would love to!!

Pilar said...

Too bad not having arrived in time to exchange with you. Some other time!

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