Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Is it Blackbird Designs or Birds of a Feather -I say both - roflol

I recently posted photos of a new start
And received some emails that I had made an error -
I think the following photos will explain this nicely:
 This is a Blackbird Designs Pattern Called 
"Birds of a feather"
That I am hoping to stitch soon.

 This is the pattern that I am stitching now called
"Kindness Sampler"
By Birds of a Feather

Does anyone else find this funny :)
Happy Stitching
Hugs Galore,


Cross Stitch Crazy Mum said...

lol!! Well let it be said that you like birds who get along... :)

Mouse said...

ooooo like them both heheheh and I see why peeps have got confused .com .. love mouse xxxx

Christine said...

LOL, all you need now is BoaF to release a design called Blackbirds and the entire internet will become stuck in an infinite do loop

Chris said...

They are both wonderful but the names are a little confusing together :)

Wagapapa said...

What a coincidence, it's funny :D

Margaret said...

Pretty funny! Of course both designs are wonderful too.

cucki said...

i love them both..both are so lovely..
happy stitching xxx

diamondc said...

Patty: I was commenting on both patterns a while back, I had the same problem a couple of ladies just could not catch on that they are two different patterns, both are lovely.

Catherine said...

Yep..that's funny!! They are both pretty!

Berit said...

Lol, now I see!

Well, I would say that 8 in 10 stitchers have birds on the brain--does that make us Bird-Brains? lol, I kid!

But it is true that Birds are insanely popular, both for naming and visual motifs in stitching; wonder why.

Teresa S. said...

It does get confusing! What about the mystery sampler by With Thy Needle and Thread - it is Birds of a Feather too!

Melanie said...

I like them both. :)

Penny said...

I've stitched Birds of a feather and never noticed both names on the front. I love both of these!

Lynn said...

As soon as I saw the title of your post I knew what the confusion was all about. I've seen this particular BBD and knew of its title. I do love both designers though!

Anne said...

Ooh! I love BoaF patterns!! Can't wait to see your progress!!

Pumpkin said...

A little confusing maybe ;o)

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