Thursday, September 29, 2011

iphone case

I won a Napkitten iphone case pattern from a blog called innocentia.
This has to be the best sewing tutorial pdf I have ever received - It is very detailed & easy to understand.
I would definitely recommend a purchase from Nap kitten after trying this.
Here is a photo of my first attempt:
 I haven't decided if I want to use snaps or velcro for the closure so I have not added them yet.
Maybe on the next one I will stitch a small motif in the center panel -
We will have to see
About the blogger experiment from my previous post-
I received more negative emails than positive so I reverted back to my old layout - It seems not everyone can access the new design features - And I think every one of you is important enough to keep satisfied
I emailed blogger suggestions from comments I received so maybe they will improve the options
Enjoy your weekend 
Thanks for stopping by !!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I can't figure out why I'm behind with my laundry...

 Any ideas?

By the way
Blogger has updated their design capabilities once again. Check out my blog to try it out-
You can view blogs in different styles -
I personally think the Mosaic is a fun option
I do not know how to add a friends list but I assure you I am still following everyone on my google reader -
(Close to 800 blogs at this time)
Update: It seems that  all browsers are not capable of utilizing the new design features - I received many emails that bloggers were not able to see photos - 
I have reverted to my old layout do to the responses I received from bloggers unable to view my blog content. Thank you for giving it a try & I certainly appreciate the feedback !!!
Have a great week

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sew Happy Christmas Sew Along Part 1

I found a wonderful Christmas Sew Along at a Blog called Sew Happy.
I have completed the stitching on the first part of the design:
Follow the Sew Happy  link to join in the fun !!!
Happy Stitching

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

15 Challenge Finish 13

Victorian Christmas Ornament - Oleana
Freebie from Solaria Gallery:

Progress On 2011 Goals:
 1. Keepsake Box & Pinkeep: Loose Feathers Pattern 33: Blackbird Designs
 2. Moonlight Visitor or Valentine Rose: Blackbird Designs
 3. Alphabet and Sweet Basket of Blooms: Blackbird Designs
 4. Traveling Stitcher: Little House Needleworks
 5. Be Merry - Belle Pepper: Little House Needleworks
 6. O Birdy: LaDDa
     (Replaced by Bird In Hand: Blackbird Designs)
 7. Peacock Pinkeep: Blackbird Designs
 8. Frederick or Frederika: Carriage House Samplings
 9. Thanks Be To God: Sisters and Best Friends
10. Redbird Sampler: Bent Creek
11. Val's Stuff Snowman Ornaments -
     "Feelin' Frosty" ,
     "Another Snowman Ornament"  
12. Winter Band Sampler: Little House Needleworks
13. Victorian Christmas Ornament: Solaria Gallery Freebie
14. All 9 Christmas Charts From This Link: Stofnest 
      Two Completed
15. All 12 LHN Ornaments for 2011
      One Completed
Happy Stitching !!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

September Hexagons !!

My Swap hexagons have arrived:

I have learned a new method of making Hexagons since I have received some from this swap -
The members are gifted at making Hexagons. The stitches are nearly invisible - very impressive!!!
Just wait until I make my next set - 
I did receive two Surprise hexagons from Sunny -
They are fussy Cut & Just Beautiful:
Have a Great Weekend

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Traveling Pattern

by La-D-Da
Fabric: 40 Count
Fibers: Belle Soie "Sister Scarlet"
Crescent Colours: "Whatley Woodlands"
Started: 9/6/2011
Finished: 9/7/2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

Hexiecase Pattern

I won a Hexiecase Pattern during Bag Lady Week on

The pattern comes from a blog called:
Both blogs have  lots of tutorials & available patterns -
Well worth a visit
And I think we all have figured out that I have developed a serious Hexagon addiction -
I need help - ROFLOL
Once I see if I can actually make this - I just might give one away
Have a Great week !!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A little Birdie told me ....

The Winner of My Giveaway is ....

Congratulations !!!!
Send me your snail mail & I'll send you your package ASAP
Enjoy your weekend everyone

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