Saturday, March 30, 2013

Do This At Your Own Risk .....

I have received many emails with some questions concerning my recent "Sisters" Post ....
Here is the link for the Freebie "Sisters"

After you go to this link Scroll down & Click on the Blog category button called "make" ...
 you will find a section marked "free stitchery and patchwork patterns" & that is where you will find this adorable pattern.

I have also been asked how I am coloring this pattern.
I have never done this before but I am using colored pencils to do the initial coloring ...
That is the photo from the previous post.
But that is not completed.
Would you like to see the next step?

Take a fabric textile medium:
And paint it over the colored pencil ...
(place waxed paper under the stitched piece)
It will change the texture of the fabric ...
It's a little tricky ....
Be careful because the colors will run a little.
Clean brush between colors because you might transfer one color into the next if you are not careful
(yes this did happen to me but I was able to fix it)
Make sure you have a couple of white washcloths & some Q-tips ready to use for cleaning & perfecting the finished look.
 This process does enhance the colors ....
Let this dry & then iron the piece
(with a pressing cloth between your work and the iron)

Whats the reason for using fabric medium?
It will allow the fabric to be washed while maintaining the color.

Here is my completion of this step:
What do you think !!!!
If any of my readers have done this before & you have any useful tips please leave in the comment section for all to enjoy _
Thank you 
Now to attempt making the bag ...
Good Luck !!!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

I love Red Brolly!

I am planning to make a quilted project bag & i have picked out my fabric...

and i have finished my stitching:
wish me luck with the assembly ...

Happy Easter!

Working on a Red Brolly freebie...

Does anyone have a good link for a Quilt Bag Pattern ...
Happy Stitching

Monday, March 25, 2013

Blog Hops, Dresden's, And Bugs Oh My .....

I joined the Stitch Me Up Embroidery Blog Hop hosted by Madame Samm.
And I must say ....
I have a new love... Presencia Threads!!!
(available from janesfabrics)
I started by stitching  a little embroidery motif on this small scissor wallet in the hopes that it would help get my creative juices flowing .....
There were so many beautiful colors and so many fabulous patterns included in my Blog Hop package that I had a hard time narrowing down ideas for my projects.

And I sooooo enjoyed all of the beautiful Dresden's from one of Madame Samm's previous blog hops that I am still swooning ......
So I decided to try my hand at making some 
What do you think?
Not too shabby for a first try!!! But I wanted something special  for the centers.
So here comes the embroidery part ....
First I traced the circle size I needed for the centers on some white muslin fabric.
I then adhered interfacing to the back of my fabric to stabilize my embroidery.
And finally, I traced patterns i received for the blog hop into the circles with a "Mark 'B' Gone" pen
Now comes the fun part !!!
I used some books & the following link
to find some embroidery tutorials and started stitching my centers....
 I used a basic Back Stitch and French Knots for this flower motif.
And Blanket Stitch Pinwheels for this one:
And then I tried some French Knot Hydrangeas:
What do you think?
You didn't know there was going to be a Giveaway did you? ....
Let me know in your comment if you like Hydrangeas! 
And you just might receive a little surprise in the mail ... 

Let's keep going ...
For the next center I stitched a pattern given for the blog hop with a Whipped Running Stitch. 
  And then using this link Sew in Love
I added a little something special ....
A Stumpwork BUG
This little beetle is made with an oval black wool base.
Satin Stitches are used for the main body; and Lasy Daisy Stitches are used for making the legs.
I know - It's a beetle on a quilt top...
But this is Madame Samm's Blog Hop & One can't be ordinary here.
And there are so many bugs to choose from (dragonflies, bees, ladybugs ...)
What a cute quilt that would make !!!!

How about a little tree frog?
Not to bad for a first try but
I think I made the eyes a little too big...
 I don't know if you noticed -
But it really doesn't take much to add some flair to a quilt
Some bright beautiful colors and a little embroidery goes a long way !!!!

Stumpwork embroidery can be used to add dimension to other things as well ....
Lets try a Needle book:
I used the basic straight lines included in the blog hop patterns
& added some couching to fancy it up a bit:
And a little something else ...

You guessed it 
A Ladybug
  Doesn't she match my scissors beautifully !!!
I think she's racing to see the next photo ....

There were so many beautiful patterns included in the blog hop package that I just couldn't stop myself ..
Let's add some embellishments to the patterns.
Beads,buttons, & a tatted butterfly ...

And the best thing is -
I still have more patterns to play with.

Thank You to a great sponsor Colonial Needle
Thank you so much for your efforts Madame Samm, Cyndi, Debbie, and Jane

Friday, March 22, 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Stitching again ....

I am home !!!!
So happy to be back with my family.
I started a new project
Stacy Nash Primitives
"Peacock Sewing Roll"
I think it is such a wonderful design !!!!
And I have a tendency to "nest" when I return home from trips.
so I filled a couple of empty pots with new plants for my kitchen.
Happy Stitching

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Here we go .....

Remember when I mentioned there would be some changes going on for me soon ...
I have started a job that has caused some changes in my household.
My husband is taking care of everything while mommy travels.
(Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do ....)
All is going well but I am afraid my blogging time will be limited for a bit.
Here are some photos of my recent travels:

Isn't it just a beautiful place !!!!
I miss my family
My blogging buddies
I hope all is well with you !!!!!!
Happy Stitching

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