Thursday, May 30, 2013


Do you remember that darling show called "Rock a Doodle" ...
I remember loving that Rooster


And his song ....

Cockadoo what a day
The sun is shinin' brightly
Cockadoo sunny day
Down here on the farm
Cockadoo stay away
You big ol' wet ol' rain cloud
Or I'll cry out loud with this voice of mine
Sun do shine ...

Do you remember it?
I used to sing that song all the time
(Did I just admit that on the internet - ugh)

This Animated Rooster was the inspiration
And when I came across this kit
I couldn't resist!

I just LOVE it !!!!!
And I hope you do too ...
(Now tell the truth - Is that song stuck in your head?)
It's OK - YOU are NOT alone
Just keep humming ...

Available in my etsy

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Thank you so much Catherine!!!
I am truly Grateful!!!
Enjoy your week ...

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A New Visitor ...

I've been doing yardwork all day ...
Now I know why my schnauzer has been so enthralled with the back yard lately !!!
Have a Great week .....

Sunday, May 19, 2013

I love my garden ....

And ...

May 27th to June 4th

My etsy Shop has been updated ....

Friday, May 10, 2013

A tribute to MOM!!!

I stitched a freebie "The Primitive Mother's Day" from 
And made a little mug rug for my Mom ...
I Love You MOM

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I just don't give a hoot !!!!!

Ok - Really I do give a hoot because
there has been some chirping going on about a Blog Hop
And "It's for the Birds" 

I really do adore all types of birds ...

But, I decided there couldn't possibly be a bird more intriguing than an OWL?
But I don't have any photos of Owl's!
So I decided to make one!
I used some Presencia threads that I had left over from the embroidery blog hop 
and some Satin Stitches to embellish this little freebie owl pattern I found online.

What better for a night owl to see you with than some mismatched buttons.
And don't you just love the vibrant colors !!!!

Would you like to see the final product ...
A Fabric Post Card
Made following a tutorial  by
Her post cards are absolutely inspiring.
And there are so many freebie embroidery patterns online that the possibilities for making unique postcards are endless ...

I also found a pattern by Sandy Gervais
"Owlivia - A Sewing Companion"
So I tweaked the pattern just a bit and came up with this ....

 This little Owl  can be used for holding needles, quilting rulers, or scissors ...

And a ribbon slipped through the back 
connects her to a container ...
Isn't she adorable
& such a cute way to clean up that
Sewing clutter!

 And after having so much fun creating owls
 I realized I left out one of the most beautiful birds of all


A Peacock ...
I love to look at them & I love to stitch them

So I decided to make a primitive "Peacock  Sewing Roll"
using a design by
Stacy Nash Primitives
 I made a pocket for threads, scissors, or quilting rulers ...
added a safety pin with three rings to hold  threads...
And felt hearts to store needles ...
Just Roll it up, tie the ribbon; & it's ready to fit into a
special sewing bag
(but that's another hop ...)
for cheering us on

Clothworks for your wonderful 


Have fun Bird Watching...

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