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Sewing Notions Case Photo Tutorial

 Stitch your favorite motif
I found mine here
 Cut mat board to fit the top of a small Embroidery Hoop
 Lace your finished piece around the mat board 
(I used a layer of batting between them so my top would be soft)
 This is the top of the needle case
 Cut a second round piece of mat board to make the back for your stitched piece & lace your favorite fabric around it
Make two more of these to make the bottom of the needle case 
You need two embroidery hoops to make a needle case .. Use a hinge to connect them ...
Glue the two covered mat boards wrong sides together (stitched piece on top) & then glue that to the top of your embroidery hoop
Are you getting the idea? ...
Embellish as desired. I used ric rac around the inside edge of my case ...
I think I will add cording around the top but I wanted you to see how I placed my pieces together
Fill with your favorite stitching goodies & enjoy!
Happy Stitching

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